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1205 West Bessemer Ave Suite 203

Greensboro, NC

Esthetician Mentorship

  • 90 days of support 
  • Weekly one on one meetings
  • Part time usage of esthetician room
  • and more!!

 Are you a new Esthetician? Newly graduated from school and ready to embark on your new career? Let us help you!  I successfully left my corporate job of ten years, went to Esthetician School and have been a successful solo Esthetician since 2014! I started in a small 10x10 suite. I have helped others to leave their jobs and embark on entrepreneurship and would LOVE to help you too! Its important to make the right decisions after school in order to secure your spot in the world of Esthetics!

What our program offers?

90 days of support to assist you with your future in Esthetics.  This includes but is not limited too, finding your niche, setting a budget, finding a suitable location, learning new services, marketing and future plans!  The best part of our program is that it includes use of our spa!  Part time use of our spa is included with your mentorship!  We have a spa room set up specifically for you to "practice" for the real world.  Allow us to help you build a clientele, in a stress free environment, This allows you to start growing your business without the stress of having a lease! Your mentor will meet with you weekly to ensure you are on track to be the best you can be!  We also assist with ensuring your relationship with the NC State Board always stays in good standard! The cost of our program is just $850.  This amount can be paid upfront or monthly. Financing is available! Interested in our program, email us here to sign up! Space is limited.  We only mentor 3 Esthys per term!