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ARCHED by Amaris
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Get the education you want, according to the way that you best learn!

 Learn makeup application, brow sculpting,  microblading plus shading and more!

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This is not a demo class! This is a hands on experience where each student will spend 50% of the class practicing makeup techniques on live models! Instructor, Feletia Amaris, will share makeup industry secrets with you that will help you to propel your career to new heights. Learn how to match foundation, skincare, skin types, primers, highlighting and contouring, lash application and so much more. Plus all students receive a makeup starter kit that includes a professional makeup brush set, an eyeshadow palette, a brow palette and a concealer palette for free (starter kit value $80). You will first go through makeup application via lecture, then the instructor will perform a demonstration on a model, afterwards students will perform makeup looks on their own models. Before and After pictures of models will be sent to each student. Models are supplied by Instructor. This class is for beginners and professionals. NC licensed professionals receive 8 continuing education credits.

This class is $130. Pay only $25 to reserve your seat with the remaining $105 due the day of the class. Or choose to save $15 by paying $115 up front ( There are only 5 seats (10 seats in classes outside of Greensboro) available in this class so that each student can get the attention and assistance they deserve. Click below to schedule. 

Makeup Artistry 102      8 CEU    $115-130               

Back by popular demand, Makeup Artistry 101! Learn all the tips and tricks needed to start your career as a successful makeup artist. This class is for both beginners and professionals. NC Licensed professionals receive 4 continuing education credits. This is a demo class and students will watch professional makeup artist, Feletia Amaris, perform full face makeup on a model. The full face makeup application will include skincare, skin types, brow shaping, primers, choosing foundation, highlighting and contouring, turn a day time look into a night time look and more!! We will discuss how to build your makeup kit on a budget and the best products on the market.

The price of this class is only $80. A deposit of $25 reserves your seat and the remaining $55 is due the day of the class.
Every class in 2015 -2019 sold out so don't delay, reserve your seat today by clicking on your city above. Click below to schedule!

Makeup Artistry 101    4 CEU   $80

Interested in learning how to properly wax and shape brows? Brows 101 will walk you through how to properly shape brows according to the shape of your clients face. Instructor Feletia Amaris, will use a live model to demonstrate proper waxing, tweezing, shaping and sculpting brows with products.  Professional viewers will learn how to add brow arching to their current list of services. NC licensed professionals receive 4 continuing education credits for $80 and 8 continuing ed credits when you pay $105 and submit a camera phone video of you waxing a clients brow ( 1 brow is sufficient).  Submissions can be sent by clicking this link,

Brow Sculpting and Tinting 101     4 to 8 credits          $65-$90

Microblading Plus Shading Class   1, 2 or 3 day class     $1000-$2500

Decide between a 1,2 or 3 day Microblading Plus Shading Class. With day 1 ($750 after $250 deposit) you will be introduced to the world of Semi Permanent Brows. You will receive a microblading and shading manual with dvd and will be able to watch a live demonstration of Microblading Plus Shading. You will also spend a substantial amount of time learning and practicing the techniques on practice skin.  Learn where to purchase tools and how to build clientele.  At the end of the class you will receive a starter kit and a certificate of completion, after passing an exam.  If you choose to participate in day 2 ($1750 after $250 deposit) and 3 ($2250 after $250 deposit), you will get a chance to work on a live model, view a live touchup demonstration, learn marketing tools, room setup and more!  At the end of class receive a starter kit, certificate of completion and 3 months of ongoing support plus on the 3rd you will get assistance on touching up your live model. A deposit in the amount of $250 reserves your seat, with the remaining balance due the day of the class.

Lash Lift Plus Tinting      4-8 CEU             $150-225

Lash Lift is an awesome service, that gives your clients, curled up lashes for up to 8 weeks.  This is a service that will give you ongoing income.  You will also learn how to tint the lashes in this class.  Choose between a class with or without kit and live model practice. Both options will see live demonstration of service being performed.  Click below to choose a class!

The 20 Minute Face Class                  $45

It's finally here! The class that you have been waiting for! Learn how to do your own face in 20 minutes or less.  We don't have a load of time in the mornings, but if you can just spare 15-20 minutes, I can teach you to enhance your natural beauty!  Learn tips and tricks plus get help with color match and more!! I will also teach you how to turn your daytime natural look into a sultry night look!  The introductory price for this class is just $40! Seats are limited!!

Brow Lamination                                $250

Brow lamination is the newest service to be taking over the beauty industry.  Long this awesome service now! Brow Lamination takes unruly or thinning brow hair and smoothes it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. The end result is super smooth brows that look like you have brow gel on them.